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Is it selfish to put your mental health first?

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

‘It is selfish to put myself first’

Something many of us have said to ourselves. We may think that caring for ourselves is the last thing we should be prioritising- ‘what about my family, my friends, my job? They should all come first’.

How often is loving yourself incorporated into your to-do list?

It’s time to put you at the top of that list.

Yet for some of us, something about it feels uncomfortable. How many of us know what it is like to nurture our own wellbeing?

Looking after yourself is NOT SELFISH. It is the complete opposite of selfish.

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Prioritising yourself allows space for every area of your life to flourish.

There are endless ways it does this, including relationships becoming more rewarding, and dealing with the inevitable stresses of life.

A better relationship with yourself will transform all other relationships.

It means you can give even more to important people in your life, not less.

It is okay to schedule in time for yourself, just as you would make time for a close friend. It doesn’t mean that the people and things you value are any less important, but it does mean that those aspects of your life will grow with a happier and healthier you.

What could you do today, for you?

You are worthy of time, care, and love- simply for being you.

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